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      RoundRail Shafting Customization



      A vital component for many linear motion systems, roundrail shafting provides a smooth and low drag platform, and is ideal for applications where standard precision is acceptable or lower component costs are critical.

      Why Thomson?RoundRail?Shafting?

      With more than 70 years’ experience as one of few suppliers that produces its own precision bearing shafts, Thomson provides best-in-class case hardness and depth, surface finish, roundness, straightness and cylindricity. And when used with Thomson Linear Ball Bushing® Bearings, travel life and load capacity are significantly increased compared to conventional models. 

      Learn more about Thomson Linear Ball Bushing Bearings 

      Customization Options

      When your linear motion projects require shafting that doesn’t fit within our standard offering, Thomson skilled machinists can perform a wide variety of special machining operations on the ends or along the length of the 60 Case® shaft to provide the exact part needed for your application. Examples of our customization capabilities include drilling and/or tapping, special tolerances, milling, turning, extended lengths, special coatings/finishes and many more. 

      Where can you get started???

      Thomson provides extensive online resources to help you no matter where you may be in the roundrail shafting purchase decision process: 

      Technical Articles

      • Headline

        Advancements in load capacity, life and ease of manufacture allowed an ever-widening range of applications to benefit from nearly friction free linear guidance. Since the introduction of the square, or profile rail, linear guide in the 1970s, the design engineer has been faced with the pivotal question: round or square?

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      • Picking the Right Linear Rails for Your Application

        How to choose between the main types of linear technologies, and how to design automation systems that deliver optimal performance using design requirements, rather than cost, as the primary consideration in selecting linear components.

        Learn More
      • Selecting and Applying Rolling Element Linear Bearings and Guides

        Specifying the right bearing for a given application is necessary to save time and excessive costs. Understanding the tradeoffs of each bearing type is important to accurately size and select the right bearing for your application. This article will provide an overview of the major types of linear bearings and guides, explain how to specify them for specific applications and describe how to trouble-shoot common application problems. 

        Learn More


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