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      Custom Worm Gear Screw Jacks

      Screw Jack customization options

      Thomson screw jacks excel in applications that call for the “just-right” solution, however, that sometimes requires exploring unique options outside of our standard product offering. Our experienced engineers can assist you in easily customizing screw jacks to provide compact, quiet and accurate positioning, improve your machine’s performance, lower your cost, and match the exact requirements of your light-to-medium load applications.

      We welcome and encourage requests for specialized products, regardless of quantity or frequency of order. Our custom products range from one-time-only units to high quantity requirements. If cost or design constraints dictate a more integrated package, let our application engineering staff help you simplify your design.

      Available Customization Options


      • Accessories for different installation positions
      • Accessories for motor mounting
      • Modifications to meet requirements of specific applications/environments (food and beverage, medical, etc.)
      • Special colors (all available RAL colors)


      • Ball nut body OD and special features (cylindrical, square, keyways, v-threads)
      • Modified flange holes and flats
      • Lube port hole
      • Wipers for aggressive environments
      • Low noise return systems
      • Integrated safety nut system
      • High load capability


      • Higher-precision lead accuracy
      • Special material
      • Screw protection (bellow covers and spiral spring band covers)

      Screw configurations/journals

      • End machining per customer drawing
      • Flats, keyways and thru-holes
      • Extended lengths

      Special coatings

      • Chrome plating
      • Manganese phosphate coating
      • Hot black oxide

      Thread forms

      • Custom diameter/lead

      Provide some basic information to begin the customization process.

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