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      Custom Precision Linear Actuators

      Precision Linear Actuators customization options

      Thomson offers a broad range of standard precision linear actuators to suit many needs. We realize, though, that unique application parameters often dictate equally unique actuator configurations and modifications. Our actuators are designed with this in mind as many of our products can be readily customized to suit specific requirements.

      Thomson precision linear actuators are built on modules that can be mixed and matched in final assembly. These operations are configured to provide flexible assembly to accommodate custom orders, quickly and cost effectively.

      Our experienced engineers can assist you to ensure your part selection is right the first time, while our support staff oversees proper initial application and comprehensive support once installed.

      Available Customization Options


      • Fixed feet
      • Movable feet clamps
      • Front plates
      • Fixed front and rear or movable cover tube trunnions


      • RediMount? motor mounting adapter kit
      • Male and female threaded rod ends

      Flanges and Gears

      • Various worm gears
      • Belt gear


      • Brushless AC synchronous servo motors (inline and parallel styles)
      • Orientation
      • Three-phase AC induction motor with or without brake


      • Magnetic sensors
      • Brackets

      Environmental Protection

      • External screws, bolts, nuts and washers to withstand harsh environments where water, acids and basic agents are present

      Provide some basic information to begin the customization process.

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