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      A custom ball screw solution can fine-tune your application

      For your custom and modified ball screw needs, tap into the Thomson team’s vast technology and engineering experience. We will work with you to create the optimal solution for your application.

      Examples of our customization capabilities include nuts, thread forms, precision screws, screw configurations/journals, special coatings and many more.

      Custom Ball Screws

      Thomson ball screws excel in applications that call for the “just-right” solution, however, that sometimes requires exploring unique options outside of our standard product offering. Our experienced engineers can assist you in easily customizing ball screws to provide compact, quiet and accurate positioning, improve your machine’s performance, lower your cost, and match the exact requirements of your light-to-medium load applications.

      We welcome and encourage requests for specialized products, regardless of quantity or frequency of order. Our custom products range from one-time-only units to high quantity requirements. If cost or design constraints dictate a more integrated package, let our application engineering staff help you simplify your design.

      Available Customization Options

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      Contact us by filling out the form below with your design requirements, and our experienced support team will review them immediately.




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